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Experience the beauty of Rhodes Island

Rhodes Private Tours

Experience the Beauty
of the Island with a Personal Touch,
Rhodes is one of Greece’s most beautiful
and historic islands, attracting
millions of visitors every year.

Rhodes offers something for
everyone with its stunning beaches,
ancient ruins, and rich cultural heritage.

But with so much to see and do,
planning a trip to the island can be overwhelming.

This is where Rhodes Private Tours comes in.

By offering personalized and
customized tours, you can experience
the best of what Rhodes
has to offer without the stress of planning.



Our fluent in English drivers are NOT official licensed guides. According to Greek Law, they cannot guide you inside any archaeological site or museum.

If you wish to be accompanied by a licensed (by the state) tour guide, we undertake to book one for you at an additional cost. Please contact us for availability.

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Rhodes Private Tours

Rhodes Private Tours are designed
for travelers who want to explore
the island at their own pace and
see the sights that interest them most.

With a private guide, you have
the flexibility to create your own
itinerary and choose from a range
of activities and experiences.

Whether you’re interested in history,
culture, or nature, or simply want
to relax on the beach,
your private guide will be able
to recommend the best options for you.

One of the biggest benefits of
a private tour is that you have
the undivided attention of your guide.

Unlike a group tour, you don’t
have to worry about keeping up
with a set pace or trying to hear
your guide over the noise of a large group.

Instead, you can ask questions
and learn as much as you want
about the history, culture,
and people of Rhodes.


We value the time and quality of travel for each of our clients


Rhodes Private Tours

Your guide will also be able to
make recommendations and
suggestions based on your interests,
ensuring that you have the most
memorable and enjoyable experience possible.

One of the must-see sights
on Rhodes is the Acropolis of Rhodes,
an ancient fortress that dates
back to the 4th century BC.

The Acropolis is one of the
best-preserved ancient
fortifications in Greece and offers
incredible views over the city of Rhodes.

Your private guide can take you
on a tour of the Acropolis,
explaining its history and significance,
and pointing out the best sights and landmarks.

Another popular attraction
on Rhodes is the Palace of the
Grand Master, a medieval
the castle that once served as the
residence of the Grand Master
of the Knights of Rhodes.

Today, the palace is a museum,
showcasing the history
and culture of the island.

With a private guide, you can
explore the palace at your own pace,
taking in stunning architecture,
intricate mosaics, and fascinating exhibits.

For those interested in nature,
a visit to Seven Springs, a picturesque
forest park is a must.

The Seven Springs is home to a
number of crystal-clear springs,
surrounded by lush greenery and wildlife.


With a private guide, you can enjoy
a leisurely walk through the park,
admiring the scenery
and taking in the fresh air.

Finally, for those who just want
to relax and soak up the sun,
a visit to one of the Rhodes
many beaches are a must.

With its turquoise waters and soft,
sandy beaches, Rhodes is the perfect
destination for a beach holiday.

Your private guide can recommend
the best beaches for swimming,
sunbathing, or snorkeling,
and even arrange for you to picnic on the beach.

In conclusion, Rhodes Private Tours
offers a unique and personalized
way to experience the beauty of the island.

With a private guide, you can
explore the sights that interest
you most, learn about the history
and culture of the island and
relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Whether you’re a history buff,
a nature lover, or simply looking
for a relaxing holiday,
Rhodes Private Tours
has something for everyone.

Book your tour today and
experience the best of
Rhodes like never before.


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We value the time and quality of travel for each of our clients
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